Well, it seems like you may have more reasons to be stressed than you originally thought. No matter what people may say, everyone gets stressed out at one point or another in their life. Whether you’ve got a big project on your hands at work, or you just barely have enough money in your account to pay that bill you’ve been worrying about, stress is everywhere. WalletHub put together a list of America’s most and least stressed cities for 2019, and the results are a bit surprising!

Apparently, WalletHub has ruled Newark, NJ and Philadelphia, PA as two of America’s most stressed out cities! Newark holds the third spot and Philly is at number five on a list of 182 American cities. This is a bit alarming as these two cities are so close to PST. Thankfully, our team here doesn’t let the stress reach them at work.

The only other city in NJ to make the list is Jersey City at number 105. As for Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh scored #76. We are happy to report that Princeton didn’t make the list at all, and this is definitely because of the happy vibes coming all day, every day from your #1 hit music station!

Some great ways to reduce and manage your stress, according to HelpGuide, are creating a balanced schedule, learning to forgive, and making time for physical activity. Turn on 94.5 and DANCE!

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