Two of Philadelphia's best rooftop bars just made a prestigious list of the nation's best rooftop bars.

In a list, published by Big 7, they've ranked the top 50 rooftop bars in the United States. Two of those bars are right here in Philadelphia.

But, honestly, I'm a little surprised that these bars didn't top the list. Those bars are Bok Bar and Assembly, and I think are both very deserving of this list.

Like a true local, I've got an insider's guide to these bars posted below. 

By the way, Cindy's Rooftop in Chicago, Il. topped the entire list. By the way, the top-ranked New York City bar is Westlight, which overlooks the East River. You can see their full list here. 

Bok Bar Named One of the Top 50 Rooftop Bars in the United States

If you've ever been to Bok Bar, it comes as no surprise that the bar made the list of the best rooftop bars in the USA. Honestly, the only surprise is that it wasn't #1 in the country.

Bok Bar was ranked #35 on their list, and it certainly has some of the VERY best views in all of Philadelphia. It's located in South Philly (at 800 Mifflin Street, which is at the corner of 8th and Mifflin).

So Bok Bar is actually open on the rooftop of an old vocational school. The classrooms inside the building have been turned into other businesses. I even have played sports in their gym (shoutout to past seasons of Stonewall Sports Philadelphia dodgeball leagues).

Luckily, the roof is now a fantastic bar. And at Bok Bar it's ALL about the views.

They have a slightly smaller cocktail menu, but I personally love it. In fact, Big 7 joked their smaller menu is actually "a blessing for indecisive souls." I am absolutely that person.

Cocktails on their menu include Sunset Situation (which is a gin-based drink) and View from Above (which is a tequila-based drink). I love that Sunset Situation drink. 

Bok Bar is open Wednesday-Sunday from the spring through fall each year. The hours for this season are 5-11 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. They are open 5 pm - midnight on Friday. Saturday and Sunday they open at 2 pm (closing at midnight on Saturday night and 10 pm on Sunday).

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Bok Bar does SO much good for the community too, by the way. They've hosted events for more than 75,000 guests in 2021, and they even generated more than $430,000 in revenue for their partners, according to their website. 

That's impressive!

Assembly Named One of the Top 50 Rooftop Bars in the United States

If you're a local in Philadelphia, you know about Assembly. But if you're not a true Philadelphian, you may not actually know about it. It's only 9 stories up. But it is all about location. location. location.

Assembly ranked #24 on the list of the best rooftop bars in the country, on the list that was just published by Big 7. 

Located atop the Logan Hotel, Assembly is open on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway (at 1840 Benjamin Franklin Parkway). So that's just outside of Logan Square. It overlooks some of Philadelphia's most iconic views including the iconic Art Museum, which can be absolutely breathtaking at night.

One of the coolest features? It's open-year round!

As Big 7 says that you can enjoy the views, "even in the chilliest winters – thanks to its firepit pods and extendable rooftop." You may wanna remember that for an upcoming winter date night!

Their food is fan tasty, and their cocktail menu gets our attention.

Pro-tip: try the Bittersweet Poetry (a Vermouth-based cocktail), but it's all SO good.

As if you needed an excuse to hit the bars this weekend, right? Summer is ending. So we're hoping this list was helpful.

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