Fall is just a few weeks away and school is underway. A few months ago we all thought this semester would be like old times. Remember those days?

The day you could go to school without worrying about catching a deadly virus from the girl in your home room. The days where you could hold hands with your partner in the hallways without having to even think about social distancing. The days where you didn't have to be cautious of the cafeteria food because you don't know whose hands have touched it. Or the days where you could laugh and play hacky sack with your bros without having to wear a mask. Those days.

Well its 2021 and times have changed. Honestly I don't think we'll ever get the old days back. The new spike in coronavirus cases has forced the government to implement new COVID guidelines and rules, especially in the schools.

Governor Tom Wolf made it a state wide mandate for all students, facility and staff to wear masks in Pennsylvania schools. The majority of people are not happy about this at all.

But like every rule out there, a loophole has been found. And parents are using it to their advantage. According to Patch, the only way a student will not be required to wear a mask in the classroom is if he or she has a doctor's note proving that they have a medical condition. Well it has been discovered that there are some schools in the state that say the kids don't have to wear a mask only if their parents write a note to the principle, according to Patch. So as long as they have parent's consent, a letter from a medical professional does not matter.

Thankfully the Pennsylvania Department of Health has been notified and have been doing random pop-ups at schools across the state to make sure the mandate set my Wolf is being followed to the T.

It's sad that the world thinks the government is out to get us simply because they are going to extreme measures to keep us healthy. Just make your kids wear a mask so they can continue to learn and grow into the people they were meant to be. The picture may not look like what we are used to.... but this is our reality now.


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