Tobacco use by minors has risen tremendously in the last few years. From e-cigarettes to menthols these drugs have been used by high school students across the country

The FDA is cracking down on all flavored e-cigarettes by limiting the sales of the product. The FDA Commissioner, Scott Gottlieb, told the Washington Post, "Our aim is to make sure no kid can access a fruity flavor product in a convenience store,"

If you are a store owner trying to sell e-cigs, you'll probably need to have a completely separate room with age restriction for sale of these products. According to the FDA commissioner, a little curtain blocking the door way will not be enough to consider it as a separate room.

Over 25% of high school students admit to using flavored products about 20 days a month.

Young woman smoke electronic cigarette
Credit: Dobok

Prohibiting the sell of flavored e-cigs can probably impact African-Americans and youth more than any other age group or culture.

While menthols are a huge demand in African-American communities, many Black organizations are actually in favor of the ban of menthols and e-cigs.

Many health groups are pointing their fingers at the FDA chief on the delay of any e-cig regulation. Some have even gone as far as putting out a law suit.

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