A new law may be coming later this month to the the township of West Windsor that would put restrictions on vaping products, the sale of electronic smoking devices (ESDs) and a ban vape shops all together.

The reason behind the push for this new law is to make sure that children and teenagers are not getting access to these electronic smoke devices/vapes and e-cigarettes, as reported by CommunityNews.orgAt first ESDs became popular because they were "healthier" alternatives to regular cigarettes. Yet now they've become so popular that they've become major competitors. The article mentions that previous studies show that there has been an increase of people under the age of 21 vaping. 

This new law hopes to regulate vape shops and retailers that sell ESDs especially to minors. According to Community News, this ordinance would also like to require stores to purchase an annual license (that will cost $1,500). After the retailers get the license, they will need to train and document that their employees understand the regulations on ESDs. Also, this law could call for stores to display (a 6-inch by 8-inch) sign that lets customers know that the minimum age to purchase vaping products is 21.

There are penalties tied to this potential new law as well. Anyone found violating this new law will fined $250 for the first violation, $500 for the second violation and $1,000 for third and each violation after that.

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