Relationships have been redefined by the current self-isolation situation Americans and people around the world are experiencing. Whether shacked up with a partner or stuck using only technology to communicate with a loved one, couples and dating singles alike are having to deal with day to day repercussions to their relationships in a whole new way.

In a survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LELO, of nearly 1,000 single Americans and 1,000 Americans in relationships who aren’t quarantining with their significant other results show that many people who are craving the intimacy they are lacking are finding it in interesting ways.

Dating is hard enough, but one statistic uncovered by the survey was that 42% of Americans in relationships have downloaded a dating app since the start of the coronavirus. The online dating pool just got a lot bigger, but it may be hard to tell who is actually single during these different times. Not only that, those in relationships were 40% more likely to use Instagram to sneakily slide into an ex’s DMs than a single person.

Perhaps stepping into online dating is how many are reaching out and seeking interaction. Another way people have been doing so is reaching out to their ex partners. Several weeks of quarantine has apparently made that first text to an ex seem okay. A third of those surveyed in a relationship have reached out to an ex, and 37% of singles have done the same. 65% of people in relationships have had a virtual date with an ex.

Clearly lockdown is making people very lonely.


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