A new virtual reality gaming center has opened in the Quaker Bridge Mall, called Hyperspace Gaming. It's located on the first level near JCPenny.

I first noticed this store when I was doing some shopping at the mall and I was curious to learn more about it. I remember that the QB mall used to have an arcade a few years ago, but this store brings gaming to a whole new level.

It seems fun and simple: strap on the VR goggles, grab the controllers and get transported to a virtual reality world of your choice.

I found a cool video demo on their Facebook page that shows the different types of games you can play while you're there. You can check out the video posted below.

The video highlights four games that you can immerse yourself into:

- Raw Data - your mission in this game is to stop evil robots at all costs

- Gorn - become a coliseum warrior ready for battle in a comical fighting pit

- Beat Saber - this reminds me of a VR version of the game "Fruit Ninja," but you slice the beats of music with lightsabers.

- Superhot VR - looks like in this game you'll need to defeat your opponents any way you can by dodging their attacks or finding weapons to use against them

It seems like they offer more VR games options as well through Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Get to know more about Hyperspace Gaming by going to their website here and by checking out their Instagram page here.

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