Mangiia, Philadelphia!

A brand new Italian restaurant will be opening up in The City of Brotherly Love soon, but don't walk around the city aimlessly trying to look for it. The brand-new restaurant will be a speakeasy-styled restaurant and it's a must-go.

The concept of speakeasies is extremely trendy right now and for good reason. I've been to a few others in the area and I have to say, the vibe and exclusivity of the entire experience will always beat any other traditional bar in the area.

The Instagram account for this restaurant is called More Behind The Door and the owners are doing a pretty good job of keeping the location of the new restaurant a secret. The pictures of the food that will be served at this restaurant look amazing.

The restaurant itself is hidden behind a cute little gelato shop called Vita and it's being described as "Philly's newest Italian secret".

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The speakeasy restaurant opens its doors on May 30th, so right now Vita is taking online reservations that you can make by following the link in their social media bios or you can head to their website and it's available for you there.



Although the address of the new restaurant is slightly hidden on Instagram, you can quickly get more information by going to Vita's website through the link in the Instagram bio.

Vita's Speakeasy restaurant is by reservation only for the time being and I recommend getting your name on this list. There's no way reservations don't book immediately after they open.

Get more info here! 

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