What's your favorite food truck in the area? I asked you last week to nominate your favorites, and wow, you did. We had more than 1,000 responses. So, I took the 10 food trucks that had the most nominations, and it's on...it's time to vote. Your favorite food truck deserves the love, right?

I need you to vote now, so the food truck you think is most deserving wins the title of the area's favorite food truck.

Vote here:

We'll name the area's favorite on Friday, October 2. We don't have a prize, and it's all meant in fun, but it's a great chance to highlight the awesome food trucks in our area, right?

I'm so excited there are so many good options to choose from like Cousins Maine Lobster, D&D Catering Food Truck, and Twisted Steaks. Plus, we have fan favorites like Beach Shack Food Truck, Wanna Pizza This?, Patties Franks, and Hotpanada included in the poll.  I was also SO happy to see House of Cupcakes, The Flying Crêpeze from Jammin' Crepes, and Doggie Sweets in our final round.

Who will win? It's up to you. Tell your friends and family to vote. Share this poll on your social media accounts. Let's honor and support these great local businesses.

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Food trucks are perfect fun for all of us in the pandemic, and it's a great way to say thank you to them for all of the joy they've brought us this year. I'm making a list of all of your favorites for a local food truck crawl, so, thanks for your suggestions.

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