Now that Halloween is over, I'm ready to shop for the holidays. Being in the stores with the holiday music playing, and all the decorations, makes me so happy, but, then I get to the checkout and I'm not so happy anymore. Long lines make me crazy, but, thankfully, Walmart's introducing something new this year to get you in and out of the store faster, according to MarketWatch. Check Out with Me is the name of the service that will put Walmart workers in the busiest parts of the store with handheld scanners, so you can skip the checkout line and checkout with them. Quick and easy. I love it. This way I won't have to load all my shampoo, paper towels, and whatever else I'm buying onto the electronics or jewelry counter (Yes, I'm that person. There's always a shorter line at those counters). They do that at Old Navy sometimes, when they're having their big sales. It's great. There's also going to be new digital maps of the stores on their app. Check out the details here.



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