I can’t deny that Uber is absolutely fantastic! Every time my Hubby and I go out, there’s always an option for both of us to drink and have a good time. We just call an Uber to pick us up and bring us there and then call an Uber to pick us up and bring us home. It’s super easy and is usually reasonably priced depending on where you’re going. It has solved so many dilemmas about rides for us and whenever I go anywhere with my friends.

Although it is awesome, sometimes when we’re going to a wedding or a really dressy function, sometimes we wanna arrive in style and not just in a Honda Civic. Not that there’s anything wrong with Honda Civics, but again, when I’m in a cocktail dress and cute heels, I would like to step out of something that looks a little more sleek. Apparently Uber has had the same thought or people have voiced their opinions because they’re launching UberBlack just in time for the Holidays. UberBlack offers high end black cars and professional drivers.

How to order is easy! All you do is open your Uber app (which if you don’t have by now, you need it, trust me!), enter your destination, and once you confirm your pickup, select BLACK at the bottom of your screen and confirm! Just like a normal Uber pick-up, you’ll see your driver’s picture and vehicle and it will be a sleek black vehicle!

 This seems like an awesome idea for New Year’s Eve, right? Or a cute date night? This just confirms what we all know, Uber is putting themselves back on the map! 

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