On TikTok, an Uber driver shared he was stiffed following a ride with multiple stops — earning very little for the trip in the process — even after stopping at Taco Bell to get food for his passengers.

Uber driver Neil Jordon revealed he initially picked up a group of passengers in front of a big box store, which was just the beginning of an increasingly complicated ride.

"So I pull up to the front of Walmart to pick these people up, and it was three adults and three shopping carts filled with groceries," he recalled, saying he allowed them to put the groceries in his trunk, even though it wasn't big enough to fit everything.

"They filled the backseat and left spots for two of them to sit, and one person sat in the front seat ... they all had bags on their laps and my trunk was filled," he continued.

As they pulled away, one of the passengers told the driver, "Hey, I don't know if you noticed this on the app or not, but we're stopping at Taco Bell." Neil explained the stop wasn't included in the trip, but he agreed to stop for them anyway.

"We get to where you order the food at the drive-thru, and [one of the passengers] wanted me to order it," the driver continued, noting he instead pulled ahead so the passengers could order through his car's back window.

"They ordered $49 worth of food from Taco Bell after my whole car was filled with groceries," he added.

After arriving at their destination, he waited for them to unload the car and then drove away. That's when he learned the passengers didn't tip him on the app.

"All of that nonsense for $5.69 and no tip," he concluded. "That's f---ing bulls--t."

Watch his TikTok below:

Neil's TikTok was met with mixed reactions, with many agreeing they should have tipped, while others suggested he take the issue up with Uber.

"It blows my mind the amount of people who do not tip their Uber drivers. I've only used Uber a few times but every single time they got a nice tip," one person commented.

"[They] should have given you a VERY LARGE TIP after all that," another wrote.

"Know your policy, what's allowed, what's not. Negotiate if not part of the deal, missed opportunity! Don't be afraid to say no. All on you," another person weighed in, while a fourth commented: "That might be bulls--t but that's bulls--t you agreed to do."

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