Do you ever get so lost in the internet just watching videos? This happened to me last night, I was on Facebook, scrolled down to see this video from The Dodo, and then I ended up watching like four more videos from them and then I looked at the clock and realized I needed to go to sleep if I wanted to be able to function at all today. So yeah, I enjoying watching videos online and I'm sure you do too. I especially am loving all these squirrels and rats stealing people's food.

The New York Post reports that a squirrel approached a front porch of a Montclair home and stole two pieces of pizza out of a pizza box that was just delivered through GrubHub. The entire crime was caught on the family's security camera and the woman who lives there with her family saw the squirrel taking the pizza and she ran out to chase him away. This video just cracks me up and makes me feel like we don't give squirrels enough credit for being very smart animals. This squirrel got away with not one, but two pieces of pizza. He sniffed it out and had enough squirrel brains to go inside the box and get himself some dinner. The family did not eat the pizza and was able to get a refund for it.

In my opinion, these videos can just keep coming. It's keeping me laughing through this crazy time we're in right now.

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