I'm not gonna lie. This kid almost fooled me.

A video recently went viral on Tik Tok of a kid named @ryster_cooper very persuasively informing his followers of a native frog that is super rare and only exists in Central Jersey.

He calls it the Clam Frog. In his video, Cooper gives a whole spiel about how these tiny frogs can be found inside clam shells near bodies of water throughout Central Jersey. Cooper says that in order to tell if you have come across Clam Frogs by the way they vibrate on the rocks near the water. The entire time he was talking I thought he was joking. Until he actually opened up a seashell and out hopped a tiny little frog.

I actually had to go to google to confirm that Clam Frogs don't actually exist. And of course they don't. But I can't say that this kid didn't have me convinced for a little bit. Clearly I wasn't the only one fooled. The video was viewed nearly a half a million times and has nearly a thousand comments of people debating about the existence of this Clam Frog.

On the other hand, if users weren't in the comments talking about whether Cooper shoved the frog in the shell himself or not, they were commenting that Central Jersey isn't real. Per usual.

Is everything in this video a myth? What do you think? Do both Clam Frogs and Central Jersey exist?

Let us know your thoughts.

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