I don't know about you, but I love visited states Yes, I know there are certain places in New Jersey that you can buy alcohol and groceries all in the same place, but there's not enough! When i went to Nashville for my bachelorette party, we didn't rent a car, so it was super convenient that when we did the grocery shopping for the weekend, we only had to go to one store. Super convenient! Now, one of New Jersey and Pennsylvania's  favorite convenient stores may be selling alcohol as well!

According to 6abc,  Wawa has just obtained two liquor licenses for a store in Philadelphia and Delaware County. They obtained the license by bidding on them at the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's March auction. I never knew they had such a thing! But yeah, Wawa bid a total of almost $400,000 for both locations and last Friday, it was approved! Wawa wasn't sure yet on where exactly the locations with alcohol sales will be, but speculations are that the Philadelphia one will be in Center City.

Will all Wawa customers be excited about this? Or will they think it's unnecessary to have alcohol in a Wawa store? When 6abc reported on this story, they got mixed reviews. I think it'd be amazing and I also think it'd be amazing if they did this in Jersey! A girl can dream, can't she?

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