Lifetime has been working on something special for all of us in NJ. And we finally get a sneak peek! The new trailer for ‘Wendy Williams: The Movie’ is here. Born in Asbury Park NJ, and former resident of Livingston, Wendy Williams is proud to call New Jersey home. According to, the movie set to be released in January 2021, is said to depict Wendy Williams’s journey as from radio show host to TV talk show host and everything in between.

The new trailer highlights key points of the New Jersey native’s life such as her fainting mid-show, the drama with her ex-husband, and battle with drug addiction. According to, Ciera Payton is casted as Wendy and “Empire” actor Morocco Omari will be portraying Williams’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Williams also had the movie’s director Darren Grant on “The Wendy Williams Show” to talk about some of the highlights of the film. One being the infamous radio interview with Whitney Houston, a fellow NJ native, about her own struggle with drug abuse back in 2003.

It’s unclear if the movie will cover her divorce from Hunter, but he will definitely be a huge part of the film. Williams recently divorced from Hunter in 2019 amid speculation of his alleged mistress giving birth to his child.

Williams is still a huge part of the media as she goes into her 13th year of hosting “The Wendy Williams Show” and was recently a contestant on Fox’s “The Masked Singer”. Not only can’t we wait for 2020 to finally come to a close, but now we have a film about an NJ legend to look forward to in the new year.

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