Whenever I am on Instagram I am such a sucker for clickbait. I can't help but waste  more time on social media by reading those articles when I know I should be doing something productive. Yet I have to say that the most recent clickbait article I read led me to write this.

I saw on This Is Insider.com that they listed the 30 rudest cities in America. I am born and bred in New Jersey. So naturally I started going through the list to see if my home-state made it, and sure enough the Garden State had a spot on the list. There is no number order to the compilation, but Newark, NJ was mentioned. I live in Central Jersey, and I don't frequent Newark unless I'm passing it on a train, going to the airport, or attending a concert at the Prudential Center. I'm not sure if Newark is the rudest city in the state, but I do know that is the safest city.

Continuing on, I wasn't shocked that New York City was named the rudest city of NY. I almost think it's part of the charm and experience of the city. It's odd to expect that, but, again, I wasn't shocked by it. I was surprised to see that Philadelphia made the list for Pennsylvania. It's the City of Brotherly Love, but not the city of manners. Did Philly make the list after the world witnessed Eagles fans climbing poles, going crazy and flooding the streets around the Super Bowl? Maybe.

If you'd like to read about the other cities that made the list, you can here


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