The 75 foot Norway Spruce is up in Rockefeller Center but what the heck happened to this years Christmas Tree? That's the question thousands are asking on social media.

The tree was hoisted in Rockefeller Center on Saturday. But it sure doesn't look like the same tree that came from Oneonta.

Photo Credit - Joe Harmer
Photo Credit - Joe Harmer

Sure, real trees need to 'relax' before being decorated, to allow the branches to fall back into place. But this tree looks like it lost it's branches on the way from Oneonta to New York City.

The jokes on this year's Rockefeller tree have been rolling in on social media.

"Worst tree I have ever seen there. Who bought it Charlie brown?"

"If 2020 was a Christmas tree!"

"Perfect tree for this year. Looks half dead."

"Yay, the COVID tree is going up."

"Needs a little fluff time is all. Maybe an extra limb, or 12."

"It’s a 2020 tree... tree of no hope."

"I hope they kept the receipt for this one!"

The joke will be on everyone when the tree is finally decorated with more than 50,000 lights and topped with a 900 pound Swarovski Star. The official tree lighting will be held December 2nd. It's closed to the public this year due to COVID-19 but you can watch on NBC from 7pm-10pm.

You can visit the tree for the holiday from 6am to 12am starting December 3rd. On Christmas Day, the lights shine for a full 24 hours. On New Year’s Eve, visiting hours will be from 6 am to 9 pm.

10 Years of Christmas Trees in Rockefeller Center

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