It feels like in the Ewing area there are a lot of new things being built, which is always a good thing. Some homeowners may see it as a good thing because it can possibly raise the value on their property.

While driving I noticed that next to the Dunkin' Donuts at the corners of Upper Ferry Rd and Bear Tavern Rd there is some construction being done but there is nothing that says what is being built.

Credit: Google Maps

I pulled over and tried looking for a sign that would make it known what was being built in that section but I could not find anything.

This piece of land that is under construction is right in between the Dunkin' Donuts and a home. As of now, the lot is just full of dirt.

We checked Google maps to see if it would show what kind of establishment was there before it was destroyed. On Google maps, it shows that it was once a convenience store. You probably drive down Upper Ferry Rd and Bear Tavern Rd and did not remember what was there. Believe us, we couldn't remember what was there before. Now we know it was the Pantry Farms.

Credit: Google Maps

So now the questions are: what is going here? Does anyone know? & what businesses does Ewing Township need?

So if you are from the area what would you want there? A restaurant? new house? Another convenience store? What do you think the Ewing Township area needs?

Whatever it is that they are building there it seems like they are moving pretty slowly. But we should be used to that because we all know how slow construction can be in the state of New Jersey.

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