Is there actually a correct way to cut a bagel in half?

This morning on the show, Chris and I had a huge debate about the correct way you should cut a bagel in half. Here’s the rundown so you can understand exactly what I mean.

Every morning on Chris and The Crew we’re so lucky to get deliveries from Ewing Diner for breakfast each day. We get spoiled with eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, you name it. Each day we also get bagels along with the other great food.

Chris asked me to grab her a bagel from the delivery today but only wanted half of it.

So, when I made my way out to the bagel table, I grabbed a bagel and sliced it down the middle from the top going down, like this.


I had two halves of the bagel for her and when I walked in, she was so confused why I cut it the way I did.

Chris says that when you get asked to cut a bagel in half, you should cut it in half longways, so when you slice it there's a top and a bottom to the bagel, which would look something like this.


Sure, that’s a great way to do it when you are cutting it and are planning on eating the entire bagel yourself, but when sharing a bagel, cutting it directly down the middle is the way to go.

If you’re sharing a bagel with someone else, it’d be super rude to hand someone the bottom half of a bagel. If there’s a topping on it like for instance an everything bagel, the other person would just get the boring bottom half of the bagel with no seasoning on it.

We had a lot of people call in to help settle this debate, but we’re still confused about which strategy is right. Cast your vote below and let us know who’s right.



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