South Jersey resident, Tammy DuBois, was going about her regular routine last week when she ran into an unexpected guest in her bushes.

Credit: DuBois Family

DuBois was on her way to visit her garden when she heard the bushes in her yard rustling; she didn’t think much of it at the time, since she often sees stray cats and birds near her garden. Then a fox jumped out of the bushes and started jumping up against her leg, barking the entire time.

"I just backed up," DuBois, 52, recounted. "It was going crazy, making noises and its mouth was moving." reported that the fox continued to circle her, occasionally lunging at her and biting her leg, over and over again. DuBois tried to escape by running up her porch steps to the door to her house. She tried to open the door to get inside and away from the fox but as soon as she went to open the door the fox began biting at her leg again.

DuBois sis the only thing she could think of at the time and reached down to grab the animal, one hand held its snout shut and the other squeezed its neck until the fox went limp.

"I couldn't do anything else to get it away from me," she said. "I don't like to kill anything."

Credit: DuBois Family

She notified her neighbor of what had just happened and cleaned up her bleeding leg. Her husband then took her to the hospital where she began a two-week rabies treatment.

Animal control picked up the fox and a it tested positive for rabies on Monday. According to Salem County Spokeswoman, Brenda P. Banks, DuBois case of rabies is the third this county has seen this year.