Optimum Cable customers could lose a majority of Fox Network channels (Fox, FX, FXX, Fox Sports 1, National Geographic to name a few) at any time.

A new agreement has not been reached between Fox and Altice (the company that owns Optimum), according to published reports. The original deal between the two companies expired on Monday (October 1).

There is some good news, however, at this point. The Fox channels are still on the air as the two parties negotiate, according to an Altice spokesman.

Hopefully, that remains the case because if an agreement between Fox and Altic cannot be reached, Optimum customers could lose a large chunk of their cable package just in time for the Major League Baseball playoffs.

A statement from the Fox Networks said negotiations between the two companies have been going on for "several months," leaving just a matter of hours until the existing agreement expires.

This is not good news because thousands of Optimum customers might be losing those channels locally in New Jersey and surrounding states. Optimum is the service provider for many customers in Central Jersey. In fact, I am one of them.

If a new deal isn't reached soon that means Optimum viewers will not have access to NFL and MLB games that would be airing on Fox, along with other show like "Empire," and "9-1-1."

By the way, this wouldn't affect Yankee fans looking for playoff baseball... yet. The Yankees Wilcard playoff game with the Oakland A's will air on TBS.


I know I would personally be upset because the new season of "American Horror Story" just started on FX, and I want to know watch how this season ("Apocalypse") ends. It's also a bummer to lose a cool show that has a horror theme the month of Halloween.

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