My husband and I just bought our house in June, so a few days ago was our first Halloween here. In the apartment where we used to live, we got a ton of trick or treaters, but in our new house, we didn't get a lot at all. So here I am, with so much leftover candy and I have no idea what to do with it.

As I searched the internet for some suggestions, I found some great suggestions from CNN that included and donating it. Donating it? To who? Well, as I searched the internet further, I discovered that a bunch of candy donation programs exist like Operation Stars and Stripes, Operation Shoebox, and Treats for Troops. These all donate the candy to our troops overseas.

If any of those options are not up your alley, the Burlington County Times also has some great suggestions on what to do with your candy.

Don't eat all that leftover candy, do something good with it.

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