Going to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission right now is absolutely no joke. It takes a lot of planning and waking up mad early. To be extremely honest, in order to not feel like you are going to miss your chance at getting a ticket to be able to get into the NJ MVC to do what you have to do, you have to get in line no later than 5:30 am. There were several people waiting in line for the second, third, and even fourth attempt to get a ticket to get into the NJ MVC and get stuff done.

A Princeton resident told EeE that he had tried several times to get a ticket for the NJ MVC. He also mentioned, “My driver's license expired on August 1st and I know I have an extension until December but with how cold the weather gets I would rather do it now and just wait in these long lines.” We agree with the Princeton resident 100% because once it gets cold it will be even more brutal.

Make sure you bring lawn chairs (soccer mom chairs) with you and pack a bag with snacks for when you have to wait in the long line.

A Trip To The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

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