A tweet post by @CJCurtisJohnson said, "It’s October which basically means Halloween is tomorrow, Thanksgiving is later this week, and Christmas is next weekend" So, if you think about it, it's time to start the Black Friday conversation. What are we spending our money on this year? Electronics, clothes, toys or things we will never use? Hmmmm!!!

November 23rd is the big day for tons of shopping this year. Many big retail stores are already leaking their deals. But what they aren’t telling you is that  most of the sales won't give you a bigger discount than $125. It all depends on what you are purchasing whether or not it's worth taking the sale.

In previous years, Target has started their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving evening around 6pm. Kind of insane, right? Whatever happen to Thanksgiving dinner? Some of their deals that stand out are: a Playstation 4 bundle plus a $25 gift - save $125 or purchase an Apple iPhone XS, XS Max & XR with Qualified Activation and you'll get a free $250 gift card. Not too bad.

"Black Friday" Launches Holiday Shopping Season
Credit: Darren Hauck

Amazon is another one that will have some deals that either you're going to think they are really worth it or say what even is this. Here are some of their deals . . . 55in 4K tv for a little over $150, $20 off Apple Watch Series 4, Save $20 on either Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Amazon will probably stand out the most as they will heavily discount their own Amazon products.

An Amazon Fulfilment Centre Prepares For Black Friday
Credit: Leon Neal

Walmart will not be too far behind from any of the other big retailers as they are set to have matching discounts, just like Amazon. Expect TV's to be at an all time low price this year.

Down fall of Black Friday are those extremely long lines and those annoying people that want to be dramatic just because one person cut the line.  Please stay out of trouble if you do some Black Friday shopping this year.

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