I feel like a lot of Jersey people associate themselves with one beach town...."their town." The one they like to go to the most.  We don't wander that much, we usually pick a town and stick to it. Mine is Ocean City, NJ....everything is fabulous there...the beach, the small town feel, the shopping, the restaurants, and, of course, the boardwalk. Well, the OCNJ boardwalk has just been ranked The #1 Best Boardwalk in NJ, according to NJ.com. It's called, "The perfect balance of old school and touristy. Big, but, not overwhelming. Crowded but, not overrun." There's lots to do, and it was just completely restored. I love it...my family's been vacationing there for years, and we'd love to own a house there someday.  So, where did the other NJ boardwalks fall on the list? Which rank did your boardwalk get?

Here's the rest of the top 5:

2. Wildwood

3. Asbury Park

4. Seaside Heights

5. Point Pleasant Beach


My summer bucket list is to visit all of them...I'm almost there...there are only 3 I haven't been to.

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