Moorestown, NJ has one of the cutest Main Streets in the state and if you've ever taken a stroll down it, you've probably seen the 5-foot tall painted dog sculptures that sit along the route.

Ever wonder the story behind those sculptures? Well, here it is.

The dog featured in the sculptures is named "Nipper." According to, the real "Nipper" was a terrier-mix dog that lived in London with his owner, Mark Barraud. says that when Nipper's owner passed away, he went to live with Barraud's brother, Francis.

Francis Barraud was a painter and according to, one of Barraud's paintings was of Nipper sitting next to a gramophone player.

His Master's Voice
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According to Wikipedia, the "Pan American" rights to that painting was purchased by the Victor Talking Machine Company, headquartered in Camden, NJ. (That's the local connection.)

Wikipedia says the Victor Talking Machine Company was acquired by the Recording Company of America (RCA) in 1926 and from that point on, Nipper became the symbol of RCA.

Fast forward to 2005 when according to, Moorestown decided to feature Nipper in a public art project. says that 30 Nipper fiberglass sculptures were created using funds provided by sponsors like Lockheed Martin, Dietz & Watson, and Bayada Nurses. Each Nipper was decorated by a different artist and then sold at an auction to benefit a local fundraiser.

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So there you have it. The story behind the Moorestown dog sculptures.

If you want to see 2 of the Nippers in person, just visit Main Street in Moorestown and if you want to see pictures of all 30 sculptures, check out

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