Have you heard of Fairy Tale Forest in Oak Ridge, NJ? I have lived in New Jersey my entire life and haven’t heard of this place!

I’ve seen some pictures online and it looks like the perfect spot for a wholesome trip, but will we ever be able to walk through its doors again? Not going to lie…seeing the pictures of this place while being vacant is a little uneasy. It’s one of those things that are a little chilling to look at that totally shouldn’t be.

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Aside from my hot take, Fairy Tale Forest has apparently been around since the 50s, bringing families in for years until the pandemic hit in March 2020.


Since the world went into lockdown, the theme park has been closed and hasn’t been reopened since. I saw that this place was posted on a Weird N.J Facebook page and everyone was chatting about how they hoped this New Jersey experience wouldn’t be a thing of the past. As far as reopening goes, there haven’t been any recent updates.

The last update was posted on their website: "We are doing our best to make an opening in 2021. We appreciate your understanding and value your support during these challenging times. Thank you and we look forward to having you and yours visit with us in the near future. Please join our Facebook page at "Fairy Tale Forest" to receive announcements.”

It would be sad to see such a classic attraction that’s so specific to New Jersey go away forever! As of now, google still has the park labeled as “temporarily closed” instead of “permanently closed”, so there’s still hope! I just wish I got to experience this before the pandemic.

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