I just HAVE to know where some of the most iconic faces in New York are now.

New York's media landscape has been shaped by the anchors and reporters on TV for decades. We LOVE to see some of these faces on TV, but where are they after they leave the TV airwaves in the number one market in the country?

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And, of course, in between reporting the news, these personalities (anchors and reporters) always seem to make headlines on and off-air themselves.

Some of the City's most iconic personalities have not been strangers to everything from on-air profanities to sex scandals and more.

I grew up in Ocean County, where we got to watch both Philadelphia and New York City television. And, I have to admit, I frequently google to see what Sue Simmons is up to these days. Legit. I think about that long-time anchor too much. (I love you, Sue!)

So I often find myself recollecting about some of the iconic anchors and reporters from the late '90s and early '00s who were on my TV screen each and every day (and night) as I was on my journey to becoming a media personality myself.

Like, have you ever wondered what CBS 2 and ABC7's Roz Abrams is up to now? I cannot be the only one that misses seeing her each day on TV. In fact, I can hear myself shouting "HELLO ROZ" still. 

Take a look here at my complete look at Philadelphia's former reporters and anchors.

Where Are They Now? Looking Back at New York City TV's Most Famous Anchors & Reporters

From Sue Simmons and Roz Abrams to Ernie Anastos and Jim Rosenfield, New York City's media landscape has been shaped by some of the most iconic anchors (and reporters) ever. But where are they now? We take a look back:

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