Pizza is one my favorite foods, especially on a Friday... #PizzaFriday. So when I came across this video from that said a place in New Jersey is offering the biggest slices of pizza in NJ I needed to know more!

If you want one of these giant slices you need to go to Benny Tudino's in Hoboken, NJ. These slices look like the ones I used to get at the Seaside boardwalk. They even say that the slices are so massive they are as big as a newborn baby.

Benny Tudino's is so well known that celebrities like Alicia Keys, Frank Sinatra and former Vice President Joe Biden have been there.

If you think you'd be up for a challenge you could order a whole pizza which weighs about 5 pounds! You'd think a pizza of that size would only exists in our dreams, but sometimes dreams come true. Get more info and see what a whole pizza from Benny Tudino's looks like below.


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