I love a good milkshake. Who knew that just by adding milk to ice cream (along with other toppings) you'd get such a wonderful treat?

You can get them everywhere in New Jersey, but, people tend to be particular about where to indulge.

A recent PST Poll revealed that many adults in New Jersey are still getting the same great milkshakes from the places they did when they were kids. That's so great.

Some milkshakes are made with soft ice cream and some with hard ice cream. What's your preference?

I like blending in some toppings like Oreos and adding chocolate syrup.

You want a milkshake right now, don't you? Lol.

I took a PST Poll and found the best places in New Jersey to get a milkshake.

Check out the list below. You could do a little "milkshake tour" this summer and try them all out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

You may have already been to some of these places, but, you may find someplace new to try out.

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Best Milkshakes in New Jersey

Love milkshakes? Here's where to get the best ones in Jersey, according to a PST Poll.

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