Today’s the day a lot of New Jersey residents have been dreading since it was announced. The plastic bag ban took effect in New Jersey today and it’s causing a lot of people to lose their minds.

Although it may cause you to put a little more thought into going to the grocery store because you need to grab your reusable bags, some stores in our state are making it a little easier on us by giving away some free bags today in celebration of the ban.

Everyone is really worried about what they’re going to do now that we all have to constantly remember our reusable bags when we go to the stores, but Wawa and Stop and Shop stores across the state are helping New Jersey residents out with that.

As if Wawa wasn’t already iconic enough, today only you can head over to your local Wawa location and get a free reusable bag with the purchase of any item.

I think I might just have to head down and get a bag of chips just to get a free bag because who doesn’t love free stuff?

If you already stopped and got your free Wawa bag for the day, you can also find your local Stop & Shop grocery store to get your hands on another free bag.

The store spoke out and said that they are giving out one free bag per customer while supplies last to make the transition of the plastic bag ban as easy as possible, according to

If you need a few bags to leave in your trunk so that you make sure you never show up to the store without a bag, make sure to hit up Wawa and Stop & Shop to get your hands on a few freebies.

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