Going grocery shopping is not the same nowadays. You can't smile at the random person grabbing fresh produce right next to you or the random cute older lady that helps you pick that perfect fruit, because you know we all struggle with that sometimes. Everyone is scared of each other now when we’re at a grocery store.

Let's talk about Whole Foods now. According to Delish.com, the supermarket has been considered to be the safest grocery store during this coronavirus pandemic. We learned from Delish that a global market research firm by the name of Ipsos went undercover to shop at Whole Foods and proclaimed it the safest grocery store because it "scored highest on the most important safety measures identified by customers."

Ipsos visited multiple stores and also created a poll to ask Americans which grocery store they felt the safest. Whole Foods scored extremely high on this poll as well. According to Delish.com, the highest score given to Whole Foods was 98 percent and that was for having all employees wear a face mask. The lowest score given was 87 percent and that was just for contactless payment. We would like to say that's still a passing grade.

Ipsos told Delish.com, “We found that 62 percent of shoppers would stop shopping at a retailer not taking health and safety seriously." Honestly, right now, if a store is not following some safety guidelines to prevent us from catching the virus, of course we wouldn't shop there.

Delish.com also mentioned that Costco and Trader Joe's were the other 2 big stores that followed Whole Foods in the top spots.

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