This is an Interesting question because I've noticed that the pumpkins are smaller at our local pumpkin patches this year.

Have you noticed the same?

We took a ride to our favorite pumpkin patch last weekend, and kept yelling to each other across the field, "Found a good one, but it's small." Not that a smaller pumpkin is always a bad thing because they were easier to carry back to the wagon ride. Plus, they were definitely cheaper (if you're paying by the pound).

However, the smaller sizes this year aren't great if you're looking for a pumpkin to carve. You need a big face for that.

I saw that Cydney Long on NBC 10 did a story about it, and apparently, the hot temperatures around here are causing the stunted growth. Plus, all of the rain we've had recently has caused some of the pumpkins to rot quickly.

Yeah, they're turning mushy. Yuck!

Plus, local pumpkin patches are reporting that business has been pretty quiet because of the warmer weather.

I'm usually in the mood to pick pumpkins if it's a little cool, you know? So, c'mon Mother Nature, help us out with some cooler temps, so we can go have some fall fun. I'm ready.

The forecast for this weekend, by the way, looks much cooler. So maybe we'll get our wish for perfect pumpkin picking weather after all.

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