I saw an article today on GQ.com that was talking about how Sonic Drive-In's have the best ice and I had two thoughts.  First, they're right, the ice in Sonic's drinks is really good...and second, why are there so few Sonic's in our area?

According to Sonic's website, they have 3,599 locations in the United States, but only 41 in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Take away locations in North Jersey and Central and Western Pennsylvania, and we're talking about only a handful of Sonic's in our immediate area.

I remember a time when there were no Sonic's in the area and when one finally opened near me in South Jersey, there were lines of cars and people waiting to get in.  But, I also remember that locations in Levittown and Northeast Philly closed a couple of years after opening.  Do people in our area not like Sonic's?  I mean, I wouldn't say I love it, but I do like the option of getting tots rather than fries and their Slushes and Lime-Aid's are nice options (not to mention that amazing ice).  LOL.

Tell me.  Do you like Sonic?  Have you even ever been to a Sonic?

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