Weather forecasters are reminding us that while it will be rainy and warm when we wake up Sunday morning, it's likely that we'll see a dangerous icing condition in the afternoon.

We're not ones to sound the alarm bell with too much concern, but if you have plans Sunday, you may want to pay attention to the warnings from weather forecasters. So we've broken it down here:


Light snow starts Saturday night, and it will change over to all rain by midnight. It'll be heavy rain for a while, and it could briefly change over to snow mid-Sunday morning around (11 am) before it ends in the early afternoon.


We could see a slushy inch or two of snow Saturday night, but it will be washed away before you wake up on Sunday morning. Temperatures will be well into the 40s on Sunday.


Temperatures will crash into the 20s by Sunday afternoon, and it'll happen quickly. So any surface that is wet from the rain in the morning will freeze over (basically instantly).

The flash freeze should happen between noon and 3 pm or so it looks like.

How does it impact you? Well, not only will roadways and sidewalks by super slippery... you may not be able to even open your car doors. Yeah, the roads will be super dangerous if that happens.

"Because of all the water that gets in the cracks and crevices of doors, some car doors could be frozen shut," 6ABC's Adam Joseph warned.

With extremely cold temperatures expected early during the day on Monday, it's likely that the icy conditions will linger through much of the day of service holiday.

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