We're going to see rain, ice, snow, and sleet this weekend, and forecasters say they're quite concerned (even if we don't see blockbuster snow totals).

If you have plans this weekend, you will want to read this. It's likely that the storm will impact your plans on Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

So here's what we know about the storm that's approaching our area for Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend:


  • It'll start snowing Saturday night with temperatures around freezing.
  • Then it'll change to rain overnight with temperatures in the 50s.
  • Later Sunday afternoon, we could see more snow as temperatures CRASH quite a bit into the teens.


It's complicated to predict how much snow (if any) will fall on the back side Sunday evening, according to the latest forecasts.

However, if temperatures fall as quickly as they're supposed to: we could see a lot of ice late Sunday and early Monday.

Ice can be worse than snow, forecasters are warning.

"Even with only a light glaze of ice, roads could go from dry to dangerous in a matter of minutes. Heavier icing would raise the risk of downed trees and power lines," Townsquare New Jersey's Chief Dan Zarrow warns.

By the way, if the storm stayed all snow we'd easily see 10-20" of snow. That is NOT likely to happen (at all).

Monday will be Super Cold

We may not get above 25* with a bitterly cold wind chill that could stay in the single digits all day Monday.

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