Are you one of the locals that got to see a law enforcement pickup truck riding around the Princeton area with the word “ICE” decal on a side door? Don’t fret, because Princeton police have clarified that the rest of the letters, “POL”, will be added to fully spell out “POLICE” on the truck this Friday. Princeton Police Department put up a post on Facebook addressing the issue including photos of actual Immigration Customs Enforcement vehicles and their own patrol vehicles, showing that they were indeed very different.

Included in the Facebook post were the pictures and an actual description of their vehicles, “Though you may see older Princeton Police vehicles that are blue, gold, and white and still others that are black and yellow, our official colors are the traditional Black and White with the Princeton Police written out.”

It was reported on that, the pickup truck was getting work done to it, leaving the unfinished decal on the side to be seen by some people in town, which had caused the departments response on Facebook.

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