The majority long, holiday weekend will be OK weather-wise, but forecasters are now warning that threat of accumulating snow has become increasingly likely in the Sunday and Monday timeframe.

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Sunday - A Mix to Rain

Sunday looks to be mostly wet and not completely a snowy day, but forecasters are warning that no matter what it will be pretty nasty out there with heavy precipitation likely.

Sunday morning will start with a bit of a mix (sleet and freezing rain) in central Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Yes, this includes Philadelphia. By mid-morning, most of our area should transition to heavy rain for the duration of the storm, according to the lastest forecast from NBC10. 

To our north, a prolonged period of ice and freezing rain is possible. Meanwhile, down the shore, it's likely to be all rain.

So the good news is it won't be a lot of snow.

"Given the amount of mixing we will be seeing especially Sunday, snow and ice amounts will remain light," the National Weather Service said on Friday morning.

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Monday Could Be Snowy

More precipitation on Monday is expected to arrive, and forecasters are warning that could be a snowmaker in our area.

In fact, the National Weather Service says that Monday could bring higher amounts (of snow and ice) compared to Sunday, but "it is still way too early to say if this will develop in our area on Monday."

As for accumulation numbers, don't get ahead of yourself. New Jersey Weather forecaster, Nor'Easter Nick Pittman, cautions that there's a high bust potential with this storm -- meaning forecasts will change quickly.

"This is what we call a "Miller B" type storm. It is dependent on the transfer of energy from one storm to another. HIGH BUST potential in one way or the other," he wrote Friday afternoon. Click here to see more of his forecast thoughts.

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