According to their Facebook Page and multiple media outlets, engineers at MIT, are testing a prototype of a mask that will be useful come winter time. This mask is reusable and will not only slow down particles in the air that possibly contain the coronavirus, but it will also keep you face warm. It can actually get up to 90 degrees. That's warm! It's made out of a copper mesh material and looks like it may be battery operated. The mask they are designing will weight a little over 1 pound with the batteries. The research of the engineers at MIT and their findings are very interesting and scientific and you can read all about it here. We may see this hit the market soon.

It's so upsetting to know that this pandemic is still around. I feel like our lives are forever changed because of it. We have lost millions of lives all over the world and we've missed out on milestones and events that will never happen again. Things were getting better and now they're getting worse and we may have to alter our holiday plans this year. I cannot wait until I can actually see more of my friends again and return to a somewhat normal life. I don't mind wearing a mask if it's going to keep my family and myself safe, and honestly, my face gets pretty cold anyways, so to wear one outside during the winter won't really bother me. It will keep my face warm.

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