If you love cupcakes and alcohol then you are in for a real treat. Ray’s Boozy Cupcakes, a shop located in Voorhees, NJ, is bringing you some alcohol-infused cupcakes.

The real star behind the cupcakes is Ray Boutwell, a 93-year-old World War II veteran who decided retirement wasn’t for him so he opened up a cupcake shop instead. Boutwell shared why he decided to change up the basic cupcake with CBSnew.com saying, "I thought I was going to pass on if I didn't do something different.

According to Inquirer.comBoutwell came from a baking background where his mother baked 11 loaves of bread every other day and has more than half a century of professional baking behind him. On top of this impressive baking background, he is also an accomplished carpenter, portrait-painter, and grandfather of two.

So what sparked this idea of boozy cupcakes? Philadelphia Inquirer mentioned that Boutwell actually got the idea from a waiting room magazine at his cardiologist’s office. Everyone has at least once had a "genius" idea that got shut down by a family member or friend. Well, according to CBSnews.com Boutwell's daughter was that person for him. She thought that his 'boozy cupcakes' was a bad idea and that he wouldn't be able to pull it off. Look at Boutwell's success now.

Boutwell's cupcakes can have tequila, blueberry vodka, and more.

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