Hold up now! Is a local Philadelphia Burger King really not trying to do a Philly cheese king burger or is this just a publicity stunt?

Talk about having pride and not trying to disrespect the Philly cheesesteak. The Philadelphia Burger King is not going to give in and refuses to sell the new Philly Cheese King. The reason why this particular decision was made has not been disclosed but we will say the Burger King on 15 S. 8th Street will not be having the burger. If you really want to have a load of American cheese and caramelized onions you will have to go to other Burger Kings. Maybe New Jersey will have it.

Credit: Burger King
Credit: Burger King

Either you try the burger now and see if it's worthwhile or it was a waste of your eating time. Remember, the original Philly Cheesesteaks will never go away. However, this burger will if it doesn't have much support. On the flip side, the Burger King in Center City will be having it!

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