Her name is Neijae Graham-Henries, she is the world’s youngest female barber, and she hails from Philadelphia.

So how does a young girl from Pennsylvania get a title like this? Well, her story is very unique, inspiring, and a great message to all, especially young girls.

Now This New posted a video on Instagram about Neijae. It all started when her brother attended a barber school orientation, but he decided cutting hair wasn't for him. Her mother showed her pictures from the orientation and the rest is now history. Though, Neijae's mom had her doubts about enrolling her daughter in this program because she thought her daughter would rather do "girl stuff." Yet Neijae replied with confidence "mom, I can do anything I want to do," and she did.

Neijae went on to be the only girl who graduated from the Junior Barber Academy in North Philadelphia. Not only was she the youngest student there, but she was also the only female.

To practice her newfound skill, Neijae started giving kids in her neighborhood free haircuts. She also started extending her services to homeless people in the area by volunteering her time to give them haircuts as well. Now This News interviewed Neijae as to why she gives free haircuts in her local community, and she had the best response: "I wanna make people feel good about themselves, and it's right to do that."

Learn more about Neijae in the video below and follow her follow her journey on Instagram here

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