Get ready to head to the store and buy these new Dyson hair tools. The geniuses at Dyson want to save your hair from damage with their new hair tools. The tools use airflow technology instead of heat and it's pretty amazing how it can just pull your hair to the curling barrel with no clip! The Dyson Airwrap can give you curls or give you those trendy waves you want, all while your hair is wet! That's right, no need to wait until your hair is dry to get the style you want! The best part is, you're not going to fry your hair thanks to the airflow technology.

I know what you're thinking, Dyson vacuums cost a fortune, so will this styling tool? The answer is that it will run you about $500, however, most of the airwraps come in a pretty carrying case with more attachments. So you'll be able to do way more with your hair than you ever could!

Coming from someone who has always struggled to get that "perfect curl," I am extremely impressed by this product and I think it's going to go on my Christmas list!

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