Sammy's Car Wash in. Maple Shade New Jersey is getting really creative this Halloween with their Tunnel of Terror. Being that we are still in a pandemic, the usual Halloween activities are not safe, so Sammy's found a way to keep people safe and give them some Halloween fun too. Oh, and the best part, you're actual going to get your car washed while you're driving through. That's right, the Tunnel of Terror costs $20 per car and as you drive through and get scared by the terror inside, your car is going to get squeaky clean. It begins October 24th and ends on Halloween night, and you can get scared while you're getting your car cleaned from 7pm-10pm.

I have to admit, even though I don't like being scared at all, I've been looking for some safe Halloween fun for this year. I like the idea of being in a car instead of just walking around through a haunted forest or on a hayride. I feel comfortable in my own car. This seems like a lot of fun, it's safe and you get your car washed!  I know everyone is eager to get back to normal activities, but, we still need to remember that the coronavirus is till out there and still infecting people. We need to stay ahead of the curve and keep crushing this virus so we can start to get back to a somewhat normal world again.

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