You don't want to read this probably. While it's expected to rain overnight across our area, and it should help improve conditions on the roads in our area.

Unfortunately, we could be in for another rough commute into work tomorrow. Yes, one more round of snow is likely tomorrow morning.

Cooler air will arrive towards daybreak tomorrow, and yes, there will be a little bit of precipitation left.

... You know what that means: more snow is possible tomorrow morning. 

"You're going to see one more quick shot of mostly snow tomorrow morning," Townsquare New Jersey meteorologist  Dan Zarrow says. "It could get slippery and reduce visibility between 5 and 9 am tomorrow."

There will be gusty winds so watch for reduced visibilities on the highways tomorrow morning.

"The good news is precipitation should come to an end by mid to late morning with the remainder of the day featuring dry but gusty conditions," according to the National Weather Service.

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