It's time to take what you learned and perfected with the Nintendo controller and put to the test because a real life Mario Kart experience is happening later this year in New York City.

This is not a joke, and tickets have officially gone on sale for this Mario Kart go-kart race attraction. I saw a Facebook post about it that led me to the Secret NYC website that said the video is gaming to life and being called, Mushroom Rally. They plan on hosting a bunch of races starting this October 19th and going through October 27th in the Bronx.

You can race for fun but you may want to race with a competitive edge because the top three participants after each race will win prizes. Then the top 10 winners from New York (with the best times) will get the chance to compete in another race New York finalist race. The lucky winner from that race will get the grand prize to compete with winners from other cities in Las Vegas, according to Secret NYC.

The ticket website listed all the things you'll get access to with one ticket purchase:

- One ticket costs $65 and lets you be a part of Mushroom Rally New York

- You get a character themed costume included (so you can dress up as Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach and more)

- You'll get to be in one 10 minute race. If you're fast enough, you'll get to be in the second race if you win the first 

- They'll have themed games and activities with prizes to win (2 hour time limit)

The races will take place in an indoor race track in the Bronx, NY, but they have not officially released the exact venue location.

To see what the have planned check out the video below

To get more info go here and to get ticket information go here

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