My brother and I messed up badly. Growing up we had a ton of videos games that possibly could have made us very very wealthy today.

A Super Mario 64 classic video game was sold for over a million dollars not so long ago. I am sure that my brother and I had that video game at one point.

We could literally be millionaires. How frustrating! recently reported that in Hanover, Pennsylvania there was someone that dropped off a few video games at a Goodwill that had a ton of value. It was stated on that the video games dropped off at the Goodwill sold at an auction for $30,002.

If the person that donated them knew how much money they just lost how frustrated do you think they are right now?

I'd be furious!

It was a total of 27 video games that were donated to Goodwill. We learned that the auction started at $9.99 and it went all the way up to $30,002. That is great for Goodwill that is for sure.

Just the Nintendo gaming console alone went for $650 at the auction, according to

So many other old toys are selling for insane amounts of money as well.

Go to your attic or basement and find all those old games. You probably have a gem there that can make you rich.

I know that I have an old PS3 in my closet would that get me a couple of thousand dollars?

That would be nice but I guess I have to hold on to that one a little longer.

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