It is insane the amount of hours that I can sit on my couch and just play video games straight. Sometimes video games give me motion sickness but i suck it up and keep playing because it's so much fun. You think I'm kidding, right? I’m not. Video games really do that to me, especially Fortnite.

Now that we are on the Fortnite topic, I bet you didn't know that Fortnite is the most played video game in state of New Jersey. actually reported that New Jersey takes second place for being the most Fortnite obsessed state in the country.

If you are from Pennsylvania and you're thinking, “Ha! New Jerseyans are losers, they play so much Fortnite”, just know that PA is very high on the list as well. reported that even though Fornite is one of the newest video games it definitely is the one that gets the most play.


According to WDAM7, last year Fornite had a $3 billion profit. Wow!


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