Did you know that Philadelphia has an E-Sports team? Yes, it's new news to us also. Philadelphia Fusion is the e-sports team you must root for now.

Lets talk about the funs tuff now. The Philadelphia Fusion will soon have their own gaming stadium, Fusion Arena, near the Xfinity Live Center. To make it even more interesting, this will be the very first video gaming stadium on this side of the world. NBC 10 also reported that the Fusion Arena will hold about 3,500 seats and it will cost $50 million to build.

According to NBC 10, the Philadelphia Fusion is currently playing their games out of Los Angeles, but the team’s president can't wait to bring the team home to have the real Philly fans rooting for their team.

According to ReadingEagle.com, the video game squad is owned by Comcast Spectacor who also own the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Fusion Arena will be able to hold other types of event like comedy shows or anything similar to it. No set date on when it’ll all be done but we're excited for it.

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